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Nat Dove To Spend One Week Of Leisure In Japan

Nat Dove has decided to take a well-earned holiday albeit a short one. Dove leaves on September 7, 2006, for a one-week holiday in what has been his second home in the last few years. In the last years of the 20th century, Dove spent most of his time in Japan. Dove states, he has made many friends and met many Blues fans in the land of the rising sun.

Since 1980 Dove has conducted Blues music clinics, workshops and seminars throughout Japan. The recording “Deep Blues Experience” was recorded in Fukuoka, Japan. Dove’s backing band was Nagasaki Slim Blues Band, a great Blues band based in the southwest island of Japan.

Nat Dove deserves partial credit for introducing the Blues music to the Japanese people. As a performer on tour in 1980: Dove along with Lowell Fulson and Philip Walker recorded the best selling recording in the history of the country. “Live at The Pit Inn”.

Returning many time to Japan, to tour and teach Blues music Dove established a cadre of fans.

Dove states that the Blues fans in Japan are more dedicated to the true history and culture of the art form than the Blues fans, one finds in the United States.

The Japanese are very familiar with Dove’s work in the Blues music education field. He teaches a course in the history of Blues at California State University, Bakersfield. The Japanese based Nova Language Center send students studying English as a second language, to the United States to study with Dove at CSUB.